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In this article, I’ll be teaching you how to make the payment of e challan in Rajkot Gujarat. So if you want to pay the E challan online in Rajkot then please keep reading this article till the very end.

Are you being issued an e-challan? Do you want to pay the fine of e-challan generated in your name?

An e-challan is generated over a person who violated the traffic rules and regulations.  Here, this article will guide you through the procedure to pay your e-challan at Rajkot, a city in Gujarat, India. So, keep reading!

What is a Challan?

A challan is an official document, issued to a person violating traffic rules. If a challan is issued to a person, he/she becomes liable to pay the required fine, imposed on them, by the traffic department of that particular city.

What is an e-challan?

An e-challan stands for electronic challan and is basically a digitized version of challan, issued to a person, violating traffic laws. These are introduced, to reduce the number of cash transactions and to make the whole fine payment process more clean and quick.

Understanding Challan System –

The process of e-challan generation is very simple and technical. CCTV cameras are installed throughout the city, to ensure that traffic rule violators are under surveillance and tracked. 

Whenever a person breaks the rules at road, the footage recording stores its vehicle number, etc. And as soon as the vehicle is identified, a challan is generated on the vehicle owner’s name , and the person is mandated to pay the fine.

Traffic rule violations, for which you might be issued an e-challan:

There are various reasons when an e-challan could be issued by the traffic policemen like:

  • Violations of traffic rules,
  • Jumping red lights,
  • Travelling without a valid ticket,
  • Refusal to share information when asked,
  • Driving an unauthorized vehicle,
  • Driving without a valid license,
  • Over-speeding beyond the specified speed limit,
  • Drunk driving,
  • Driving without a valid insurance policy,
  • Causing traffic obstruction, etc.


E-challan payment in Rajkot 

Payment for vehicle challan can be done, both online and offline, at Rajkot. The traffic department of Rajkot, is super strict and strong. All processes are made clear to the citizens. 

  • You can pay the challan generated to you, in offline mode also. Visit the nearest traffic police station, and make the payment. 
  • The Rajkot city police department has made a proper structured way for the e-challan online payment service, that allows citizens to pay the fines on time. This makes it easier for violators to minimize their liabilities in time.


Payment of E- challan Rajkot via ‘Parivahan’ Website

The given step by step procedure to pay the e-challan by Parivahan website is :-

  1. First, you need to visit the Parivahan website click here.
  2. Inside the challan section,

  1. Enter your challan number .
  2. Enter the captcha given .
  3. Click on the get details button.
  4. The details of your e-challan will be displayed.
  5. Go to the option of payment, and pay the required amount using debit card, netbanking etc.


E-challan Online Payment via Rajkot Traffic Police portal

Following are the steps required to fill the e-challan through Rajkot Traffic police portal:-

  1. First, you need to visit the Rajkot traffic police website, click here.
  2. Enter your vehicle number and proceed.

Payment of E challan in Rajkot

      3. Now, pending challans will be displayed over.

      4. Make payment using online modes, like g-pay, debit card, etc.

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Violating the traffic rules and regulations can have some serious consequences. The concept of the e-challan generation eradicated the liability of payment and made the fine payment easy for citizens. It also creates a huge database of citizens, along with their vehicle numbers, which can later be used for the analysis and study of various factors related to traffic control.

Nowadays, due to online services provided by the police and traffic department, these works can be done online. It makes the work quick and easy. 

We hope this article made all things about e-challan payment clear to you. Remember, to always follow the traffic rules and to never violate them, 


We hope this article guides you to pay the fine/ challan generated by your name, at Rajkot, Gujarat.

We hope this article helped you in learning. Remember, not to share your credentials with anyone, as it may lead to fraud

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