How to Renew Learner Licence in Uttar Pradesh | Expire Learner Licence UP (2023)

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This article will help all those viewers who are looking to renew Learner Licence in Uttar Pradesh. So, if you are someone whose learner’s licence got expired then please read this article carefully to know about the steps to renew LL in UP.

In India, you must have a valid Driving License while driving any vehicle. But before the issuance of a Driving License (DL) , a Learner’s License (LL) is issued to the candidates. 

This Learner’s Licence is valid for a period of up to 6 months. During this time, Learner’s Licence holders can apply for a permanent driving licence. However, if the learner’s licence expires, you can either apply for a fresh learner’s licence or renew your learner’s licence through online or offline procedures

If Your learner’s licence is not renewed on time, it will be considered invalid and holders will not be allowed to learn how to drive. If you wish to continue learning how to drive in India, you have to renew the learner licence as soon as the expiry date is reached !!

The usual process for renewing a learner’s license can be:

  • Research and find the website for the RTO of your state and find out if they have an online renewal function.
  • If the website allows renewal of learner’s licence, you should read the guidelines carefully and follow the instructions. Generally, the instructions are to fill out the required forms with information such as the Aadhaar Card number, name, address, postal code, etc. You will also have to scan and upload documents to prove your age and address before submitting the form.
  • Through the RTO website, you can also make the learner’s licence renewal fee payment.
  • Once the documents and forms are submitted and verified, the RTO will issue a renewed learner’s licence to the registered address.

Step-by-Step Procedure to apply for LL Renewal In Uttar Pradesh

Every state in India has its own procedure for learner’s licence renewal and can be found online through their individual transport department websites. The general process for renewing a learner’s licence online in India can be found below:

Renew Learner Licence in Uttar Pradesh Online :

  • First, Go and Visit the Parivahan website click here
  • Select your state.

  • Inside the Learner Licence Section
  • Go and select Expired Learners Licence Again Issue Option.

Renew Learner Licence in Uttar Pradesh

  • Now Enter Your Learners License Number and Date Of Birth ( DOB).
  • Submit the details.

Renew Learner Licence in Uttar Pradesh

  • Proceed for OTP verification with your registered mobile number.
  • Now pay the required amount.

  • You have successfully applied !

How to Renew Learner Licence in Uttar Pradesh Offline?

Here are the steps to renew your learner’s licence offline:

  • Visit the nearest RTO in your state/city.
  • Ask for the learner’s licence renewal form (Form No. 2) and any other required forms or download and print them .
  • Completely fill in the forms and attach the requested documents.
  • Submit the form along with the documents and passport-sized photographs.
  • Pay the application fees.
  • Wait 4-7 days for the renewed learner’s licence to arrive at the registered address.

Advantages of Online Learning License Renewal

There are many advantages to renewing your learner’s licence online.

  • Renewing a learner’s licence online is less time-consuming.
  • By applying online, you can avoid the lengthy queues at the RTO.
  • You can make the renewal fee payments online quickly and safely.
  • Online renewal of a learner’s licence can be done from practically anywhere using a smartphone or computer.

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The process for renewing your learner’s licence offline in India is relatively simple and can be done by anyone who is of legal age. Every city has its own RTO which makes it easier for people to visit and renew their learner’s licence. Nowadays, you can easily apply for it, download it, and do all the work using the online portal provided by the government.


We hope you successfully got to know all about Renewal of Learner’s License , how to do it, and the advantages of using online services in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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