How to Get Fancy Number for Vehicle in Delhi | Car/Bike Fancy Number in Delhi (2023)

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This article will teach you how to get a Fancy Number for vehicle in Delhi, so if you are interested in knowing the process of getting Fancy number for your Car or Bike in Delhi then read this article till the end.

Your vehicle is known by the number it carries, just like you are known by your name! Thus, Did you also have a fantasy for 1111 or 0000 in the number plate of your SUV? 

Let’s see today, How can you get an attractive number in your vehicle! This article will guide you with the procedure to choose a captivating number in the number plate of your vehicle, the Bidding process, auctioning, and everything you need to know.

What is a Fancy Number Plate?

Let’s first see what a fancy number plate looks like. A so-called VIP number plate is simply a way to attract attention to your vehicle and benefit from an additional street cred. This is the very reason often the affluent spend lakhs on a fancy number for their car. 

These numbers can look like ‘9999’ or ‘0001’. Such numbers are expensive to purchase . This is because these are not the random numbers offered by RTO. Some popular VIP numbers include 0001, 0100, 1111, 4444, 0786, etc.

Category Type of Number Series Amount
1 Super Elite 0001 Rs.5 Lakh
2 Single Digit 0002, 0003, 0004, 0004, 0005, 0006, 0007, 0008, 0009 Rs.3 Lakh
3 Others 0786, 1111, 7777, 9999 and numbers between 0010 to 0099 Rs.2 Lakh
4 Semi-Fancy Numbers 0100, 0111, 0200, 0222, 0300, 0333, 0400, 0444, 0500, 0555 0600, 0666, 0700, 0777, 0800, 0888, 0900, 0999, 2000, 2222 3000, 3333, 4000, 4444, 5000, 5555, 6000, 6666, 7000, 8000, 8888, 9000, 0101, 0108, 1008, & 1313 Rs.1 Lakh

Instead of giving the owner the choice of selecting a vehicle number plate number, it is automatically generated when you register your vehicle in the RTO. Thus, when someone wants to have a customized number plate, RTO charges a premium by holding a bid after setting a base price. 

This helps the government raise extra funds.

Fees for VIP Number Plate

The registration for a fancy number plate can cost higher than usual. This fee usually differs from state to state. Other than the registration fee, the vehicle owner also has to make an advance payment to book a certain number plate. 

This payment depends on various constraints.

How To Get A Fancy Number for Vehicle in Delhi

When you buy a new vehicle in Delhi, and it gets registered with the RTO, your vehicle number will be randomly generated by an automated system. It can be odd or even. 

To get a fancy number for vehicles, you first need to check the availability of numbers.

How to check the Fancy number Availability in Delhi?

  • Go and visit the Vahan Parivahan website click here.
  • Select Search By Number Option.

Fancy Number in Delhi

  • Now select the state and Enter the RTO name.
  •  Enter the captcha code.

Fancy Number for vehicle in Delhi

  • Click on the Check Available button.

Fancy Number for vehicle in Delhi

Disclaimer: The Transport Department reserves the right to cancel the Bidding Process or Final Allocation at any stage.

Steps to Register Reserved Fancy Number / VIP Number in Delhi

  • Go and Visit the Parivahan Website click here.
  • Login Or Signup on the website.
  • Inside the User Other Services Option.
  • After the Login menu to select the “user other services” tab and click on “search by number”.
  • Select number and To participate in E-Auction Click on E-Auction Tab.
  • Click on number Selection to choose your reserved number and click the continue to register button.
  • Fill Application Details and click on Submit button.
  • Now Pay fees and Generate fees receipt. 

How to Check Final Auction Result for Fancy Number in Delhi Online

  • Go and visit the Parivahan Website click here.
  • Select Menu to Show auction result Option.
  • Enter required details like
    • State name
    • RTO name
    • Select Result Date.
  • Click on the view button.
  • Final result will be shown.

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 Therefore, Fancy Number for vehicle in Delhi can be easy to get one, if the structured process is followed. Nowadays, online service portals can be used for any work of transportation. Fancy Numbers can be allotted with some premium amount charged by the respective RTOs. The procedure is little rounded, but with an online option available, there’s no need to worry.

Updating documents and information is now an easy task, as online portals have made the work easy.

We hope you successfully got to know all about Fancy Number Plates and How to get them, through this article. Go through your respective RTO websites to know more about the state specific procedure. Remember, to not share your credentials with anyone, as it may lead to frauds. 


We hope this article helped you in knowing about fancy number plates, how to get them, the auction details and more. Stay tuned with us for more such information !

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