Slot Booking for Driving Licence in Uttar Pradesh | Appointment for Driving Test

  1. Slot Booking for driving License in Uttar Pradesh 

Are you also looking for a slot for the Driving Test ? Do You want to have an Appointment for a Driving License here in Uttar Pradesh ? 

It’s an easy job now !

Here’s a comprehensive guide that will help you with booking an appointment and getting a slot for applying for a Driving License in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Driving License in Uttar Pradesh 


So a Driving License is extremely important for driving in India. If you wish to drive any kind of vehicle in the state of Uttar Pradesh, first, you would require a learner’s driving license, only after which you would be eligible to get a permanent driving license. Obtaining a driving license in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is quite a simple process, if you are well aware of the procedure involved. 

As per the laws, a person can only drive a vehicle if they hold a valid driving license in Uttar Pradesh. 

In this post , we’ll guide you on how to book slots for licenses and how to make an appointment for a driving test in Uttar Pradesh !


Eligibility Criteria for obtaining Driving License in Uttar Pradesh 

For any candidate to be eligible to apply for a driving license in the state of Uttar Pradesh, he/she has to meet the requirements given below:

  • The candidate must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The candidate must possess a learner’s driving license , to apply for a permanent one.
  • The candidate must apply for a permanent driving license , within six months (6) of the issuance of learner’s license.
  • The applicant should be well-versed with all the traffic rules and regulations.


How to Apply for a Driving License in Uttar Pradesh?

You can apply for a driving license in Uttar Pradesh in the following ways:

  • Online
  • Offline


Slot Booking for A Driving License in Uttar Pradesh 

Nowadays, scheduling an appointment or booking a slot is a very easy process. You just need an internet connection, a device and your documents .

Slot booking can be easily done , over the Parivahan website.

An appointment can be taken for a learner’s as well as permanent driving license. After the appointment scheduling , the candidate has to visit the RTO , on scheduled date and time, and have to give the computer exam. Same way for the driving test. 

So, let’s see how to schedule an appointment for a driving license In the state of Uttar Pradesh. 


Step-by-step guide for Slot Booking-


Here’s the guide for step-by-step slot booking —

  • Go and visit the official parivahan website click here.
  • Go inside the Drivers/ Learners License section.
  • Select your state’s name (here Uttar Pradesh)
  • You will see the Appointments section , at the left of the page. Click on it.

  • Go inside the Slot Booking Section and click on DL Test Slot Booking.

  • Enter the required information like, Application Number, Date of Birth and Verification Code.

  • After Verification, You Can Select Classes of Vehicle . Now click on Go to Proceed To Book Button.

  • Select a suitable schedule, that is Particular Date and Time.

  • An OTP will be Sent to Your Register Mobile Number. Check on it.

  • After, Verify Your OTP, You can finally Proceed for Applying for an appointment. 

  • Now click on the conform to Slotbook button , and the payment gateway would appear on the screen.
  •  You have successfully booked an appointment for a driving license. Now, visit the RTO on this particular date and time. Keep all original documents with you. 
  •  There you should take a driving skill test. If you pass the driving skill test then you get a driving license in a few days. 


We hope you successfully scheduled your appointment for a Driving License . Visit the RTO at scheduled date and time, along with the required documents.


People usually think driving licence slot booking in Uttar Pradesh is really a difficult task but as you just saw in this article, the steps were quite straightforward and easy to understand. I don’t think after following the above steps, you will face any problems. But if you still have some doubts or if you are stuck at any step then do tell me by dropping a comment below.

We hope this article helped you in the process of Slot Booking and Online Appointment Booking in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Stay tuned with us for more such information !


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