Transferring Ownership of Vehicle In Uttar Pradesh | How To Transfer Your Vehicle to other Person’s name Online

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Transferring Ownership of Vehicle In Uttar Pradesh

Are you thinking of selling your vehicle ? Or are you looking for a second hand vehicle? Well in both of these cases, you need to change the ownership of the vehicle.

In this article, we will help you to figure out How to change the ownership of vehicles in the state of Uttar Pradesh .


In What cases the ownership of the Vehicle can get transferred ?

As per Indian ownership transfer laws, there can be following types of ownership transferrings :

  • Transfer of ownership in case of normal sale
  • Transfer of ownership on death of the owner of the vehicle.
  • Transfer of ownership of vehicles purchased in public auction. 


Process For Transfer Of Ownership Of Vehicles –

Nowadays, Transferring the ownership of your vehicle is an easy job. It can be done, both online and offline.

Let’s check both ways.


Step-By-Step Process For Transfer Of Ownership Of Vehicles In Offline Mode –


  1. To Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Uttar Pradesh the candidate has to approach the nearest RTO office. Visit the RTO in person.
  2. Go and ask for Application Form Number 29, 30 and 28.
  3. The candidate should make sure they are eligible for applying by going through the eligibility criteria section, in the website.
  4. Make sure that you visit the RTO with all required documents. 
  5. Fill the required application forms and submit them in the respective office, along with documents.
  6. Pay the required fees for the form, and submit it.
  7. If the authorities are satisfied with the documents that are provided the Vehicle Ownership will be Transferred.


Step-By-Step Process For Transfer Of Ownership Of Vehicles In Online Mode –


  • Go and visit the official website of Parivahan click here
  • Inside the Online Services Section, click on Vehicle Related Services.

  • Select your state, here Uttar Pradesh.
  • Select your RTO name and proceed.

  • Over the displayed icons, click on the Apply for Transfer of Ownership, Change of Address, Hypothecation [Addition/Continuation/Termination], Duplicate RC).

  • Enter the required details like Vehicle Registration No. and Chassis Number(Last 5 characters) and click on VERIFY DETAILS button.

  • All the details of your vehicle will be displayed over here.
  • You can enter the new owner details here.

  • Now scroll on the screen, Go down , and find the Payment Option.
  • We would recommend you to recheck the details you have filled. As and when you are sure about the details, click on the payment option below.

  • Go through the payment process, and submit the application.
  • Finally, A Confirmation box will be displayed on the  Screen. Confirm the details and proceed further.

  • After the Successful Payment, your application gets submitted and a reference receipt will be generated. 
  • This receipt is required for the further process of the next step, which is paying the tax of the vehicle (if pending ).


How to pay the remaining Tax on vehicles ?

So, If you are willing to transfer the ownership of your vehicle to someone else, you first need to clear all the due taxes you have on your vehicle.

Here’s How you can easily do it!

    • Go and visit the VAHAN website click here
    • Enter your state name, and RTO and proceed.
    • Inside the RC related services section, Choose Pay Your Tax. 

  • Enter your vehicle’s registered number, to check how much tax is pending on your vehicle. 

  • Pay the remaining Tax on your vehicle, through online modes with net banking or debit card. 
  • You can now proceed with your ownership transfer procedure. 


We hope you successfully got to know How to Change Your Vehicle’s Ownership To Someone Else And How to Pay the remaining Tax on your Vehicle . Remember, to not share your credentials with anyone, as it may lead to frauds. 


We hope this article helped you in the process of Transfer of ownership of vehicles in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Stay tuned with us for more such information !





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