Virtual Court Challan Online Payment | How to Pay Virtual Challan Online (April 2023)

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In this article, Uptransport we will be telling about Virtual Court Challan Online so if you want to know how to pay virtual challal online then read this article till the end.

What is a virtual court

Virtual Courts, is a courtroom administered by a Judge over a virtual electronic platform whose jurisdiction may extend to the entire State and function 24X7. Neither a litigant nor any Judge would have to physically visit a court for effective adjudication and resolution. All the work is done online virtually.

All the communication work would only be in electronic form and sentencing and a further payment of fine or compensation would also be accomplished online.

The concept of virtual courtrooms came into existence to eradicate all paperwork done at courts, reduce the time spent on hearings, and to make the fine payment work easy and quick.  The concept has been evolved in order to efficiently utilize court resources and to provide litigants with an effective avenue to settle petty disputes.

Functions of a virtual courtroom :-

As of now, the following categories of cases have been found feasible to be tried in virtual courts:-

  1. Offences under Motor Vehicle Act (Traffic Challan Cases).
  2. Petty Offences where summons can be issued under Section 206.
  • Thus all the challan and fines related to these two domains, can be subjected virtually to the citizens . The payment methods are all online like net-banking, debit card, credit card etc.

What are virtual court challans

As virtual courts are set up to make the court work online. The challans and fines generated are also taken online. A challan is generated on the name of a person, who is found guilty of violating any rule or regulation. Challans can be paid online and offline both. It is a good practice to clear all the challans issued on your name, as it saves you from any further offence and clears your record with the traffic department.

Following, we have discussed how to check the status of your case online and how to pay the challan generated on your name , online, by the virtual courts.

How to pay virtual challan fine online

Following is the step by step guide for the payment of e challans of virtual courtrooms online:- 

  • First, you need to visit the official virtual court website, click here.
  • Now, select your state and respective department, from the options given.

  • Click on the Proceed Now Button.
  • Select the option of vehicle number, challan number, from the left panel.

  • Enter your vehicle , challan numbers. 
  • Enter the given captcha code, and 

  • Click on the submit button.
  • All details of your e challan will be displayed over the screen, and you can choose any online payment to fill the fine.

How to check any traffic case or your pending challan 

By using the virtual courtroom web portal, you can now easily check the challans pending on your name, and then submit them. Following is the procedure to find details about your pending cases and status:- 

  • First, you need to visit the official virtual courtroom website, click here.
  • Select your own state and department and proceed.

  • Click on the Proceed Now button.
  • Now, select the option of mobile number from the left panel.
  • Enter your mobile number.

  • Enter the captcha code given.
  • Press the submit button.
  • All details about any case status or pending details will be displayed on your screen.

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Virtual Courts are a concept aimed to eliminate the physical presence of lawyers and citizens. Citizens can easily view their case status online, through the portal. However, for adjudication purposes, the Litigant may have to appear in person or through the Lawyer in the Court.

The concept, however, is a more reliable source of jurisdiction, as it provides transparency in court cases and reduces the huge paperwork. Also, it makes it easy for citizens to pay the Court Fees or Fine online.

Nowadays, due to online services provided by the police and traffic department, these works can be done online. It makes the work more quick and easy.

We hope this article makes all things about virtual courtrooms, their functioning, generation and payment of challans clear to you. Remember, to always follow the traffic rules and to never violate them.

We hope this article helped you in learning. Remember, not to share your credentials with anyone, as it may lead to frauds

Stay tuned with us for more such information !

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